Monday, August 23, 2010

kalau ade jodoh....

setiap pljr msti mnduduki peperiksaan..x kisah laa besar atau kecik exam ia mbw makna yg seribu..:)
1st,,x tau laa knape mrkh sye rndh sgt kali sye x nk toleh ke blkg lg ! tekadkn azam,,,kuatkn smgt !!
yeahh~ sye boleh lakukan....exam akhir taun nie sye nk buat yg ter~ BAEK !!!!
and..yg plg merunsingkn kepale otak ialah.....PMR next year..haha :D
siape yg x cuak kalo nxt year exam tp taun nie mrkh cam x meyakinkn jer...Huuu~~
BTW,,mgkin ade hikmah di sebalik mrkh sye yg,,,agk membimbangkn nie...x pe2...insyaAllah...sye x kn bdiam diri membuta tuli sabilillah...
dan,,,kata2 sye bukan hanya omong kosong ! itu yg psti...
sblm undur diri,,congratz to my fren yg...mrkh tinggi and dpt score !!

(nickname baru kott..)

Friday, August 13, 2010

we are SupErGirL

Girls are not prizes to be displayed,

they are not objects to be seen,

they are not competitions to be won,

they are not unintelligent to be looked down on,

they are not toys to be played with,

they are not garbage to be thrown away.

But instead,

girls are flowers to be appreciated,

they are humans to be considered,

they are gold to be valued,

they are fragile as glass to be handled carefully,

they are the important backbone to support,

and they are among the smartest people in this world

I thought living in the 21st century would change the fact that women were once leveled as animals, useless and bring disgrace. However what I thought was wrong, history does repeat itself again, but in a different and ironic way.

Come on girls,

have shame, have respect,

have pride, have dignity.

For we all are supergirls,

we can bring down a whole empire,

and still build a nation.

"Let your akhlak be more beautiful than a blooming garden in the middle of Spring"

Monday, August 2, 2010

We are U.N.I.T.E.D

1st pic: 2 ali!!! chaiyok beb..girls,,mantooooppp!! huu~
2nd pic: hahaa~~ smpat lg berposing maut ye korang..wooiitt..cikgu dh msok laa~ dr kiri: amira,che nor, shima, ziha , shafiqah and..damia..~~~ huhuuu...mmg x mkn saman laa budak2 ini..:)
3rd pic: dr bwh che;nor,me and ziha..x tauu laa ape ktorg buat kat blkg kelas niee x bape btol je..nk kte ponteng,,x kn ponteng dlm klas kak ooiii..:]